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When snow builds up on your roof, it causes extra stress on the beams and can lead to collapse. Your roof was not designed to support the heavy weight of excess snow and should be promptly cleared to prevent serious injury to your family. Every six inches of snow fall, you should have your roof cleared

Ask our team at Tresnak Construction to survey your roof after a major snow fall. We may recommend having it cleared before the weight damages your roof. Contact our Royal Oak exterior service team at (248) 479-3865.

How Is the Snow Removed?

Snow can either be raked or shoveled from your roof:

  • We do not recommend raking your own roof if you own a two-story home, or if the snow has built up to more than six inches. These conditions can lead to serious injury for an untrained, amateur snow raker.
  • Our Royal Oak roofers offer shoveling services, usually using this technique for the majority of our snow removal services. This method most efficiently clears the snow from your roof, while roof raking is only effective in removing some of the snow and spreading the rest of it around to help distribute the weight.

We recommend you resist the temptation to inspect your roof yourself. We especially warn against climbing on your roof during the winter, even if you cannot see snow where you intend to walk. Ice can cause a deadly fall.

Let our trained professionals provide you with a clear roof and peace of mind, in a way that is safe and effective. Call our Royal Oak roofing team at (248) 479-3865 for a free estimate today.

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