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Gutters are designed to direct the flow of water off the roof and away from the foundation of the home to prevent water intrusion in your basement and foundation damage. If debris builds up in your gutters, water will back up and spill over the gutter forming pools of water at the base of the home which can make its way into your foundation.

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With more than three decades of experience, we have seen and solved virtually every problem concerning home gutter systems. We are well aware of the problems a poorly installed gutter can cause and work diligently to protect your home from them.

You may need a new gutter installed on your home if:

  • Your old gutter has significantly pulled away from the roof
  • Your gutters are leaking at corners or end caps
  • Gutters are sagging or buckling
  • You are experiencing regular flooding, especially in the basement or first floor
  • The paint on your house is peeling away behind the gutters

Ask Tresnak Roofing to clean out your gutters by contacting our team at (248) 435-4848.

Gutter Guards

Keeping your gutters in good condition is an important part of ensuring that they can do their job over the long term. We recommend that homeowners get their gutters cleaned twice a year – generally in the spring and fall. If debris is allowed to accumulate in your gutters, it could cause them to overflow or the buildup could result in leaks. Gutter guards, though they are an investment, are an excellent way to protect the gutters from debris and minimize your need for cleaning.

Features of the Clean Sweep Gutter Protection System include:

  • Preventing debris from clogging gutters and downspouts
  • An easy-to-install, low-profile design for an attractive, clean look
  • Deterring water run-off that can damage a home’s exterior and foundation
  • Helping protect gutters from winter ice dams

Specializing in Full Gutter Replacements

We can show you ways to extend the life of your existing gutter if a complete replacement is not yet necessary. Our Royal Oak contractors have your family’s safety and the protection of your property in mind when we recommend complete gutter replacements.

When a gutter is not operating properly, your home may suffer from extensive water damage. Sometimes this damage is not immediately obvious, going undetected until it leads to mold growth in your walls or under flooring in a basement. For an honest evaluation and free estimate of your gutters, ask our professional Royal Oak roofers for help.

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