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Gutters are designed to direct water flow away from the roof. This helps prevent leaks by moving the weight of the water away. However, if debris builds up in the gutter, the water can back up. This leads to puddles and pools forming among your shingles. Left untreated, this problem almost always leads to substantial roof leaks.

Ask Tresnak Construction to clean out your gutters by contacting our Royal Oak exterior service team at (248) 479-3865.

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With more than three decades of experience, we have seen and solved virtually every problem concerning home gutter systems. We are well aware of the problems a poorly installed gutter can cause and work diligently to protect your home from them.

You may need a new gutter installed on your home if:

  • Your old gutter has significantly pulled away from the roof
  • Your roofer identifies several places where rust has damaged the existing gutter
  • Gutters are sagging or buckling
  • You are experiencing regular flooding, especially in the basement or first floor
  • The paint on your house is peeling away beneath the gutters, signaling water damage

Specializing in Full Gutter Replacements

If we are able to repair and save your existing gutter, we are glad to do so. We can show you ways to extend the life of your existing gutter if a complete replacement is not yet necessary. Our Royal Oak contractors have your family's safety and the protection of your property in mind when we recommend complete gutter replacements.

When a gutter is not operating properly, your home suffers extensive water damage. Sometimes this damage is not immediately obvious, going undetected until it leads to mold growth in your walls or serious flooding in your first floors. For an honest evaluation and free estimate of your gutters, ask our professional Royal Oak roofers for help.

Contact us at (248) 479-3865 for a free estimate.

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