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Royal Oak Roofing Services

Step 1: Make the Call

Every single one of our services begins with you contacting our team and scheduling your free initial estimate. You can explain the problem you are hoping to resolve or the final result you want to achieve, and we can work with you to find a solution that suits your needs and budget. We are available 24/7 via phone or contacting us on our website form.

Step 2: Provide an Estimate

Our work starts once you call or fill out a contact form. We can send an initial estimate via email using Google Earth to measure your roof. Once you receive the estimate give us a call for a review of the quote and set up the in person inspection. While our availability is flexible, if there are no times that you are able to meet us, we can stop by and inspect the exterior of the home on our own. Our goal is always to provide the smoothest and most seamless possible service!

Step 3: Estimate Review and On-Site Inspection

Once we go over the initial estimate on the phone we will send a team member out for an in-person inspection. We will verify the roof is in need of replacing and ensure the condition of the existing wood is adequate. Our initial estimate should not change unless there is a significant amount of bad wood on the job.

Step 4: Accepted Proposal

Once you’re ready to get on our schedule, just click the button in our quote and that’s it. Our proposals include a no-money down, no cancellation fee policy if you were to change your mind. We can help you select your new roof color with sample shingles or addresses of past work near you.

Step 5: Work Begins

Once you select a shingle, siding, or gutter color, you can sit back and relax while we get the job done! Payment will not be required until the completion of the project. Cleanup occurs the same day as the project and all jobs are swept with magnets to pick up any loose nails before we leave. Roof replacement projects are completed by our CertainTeed Select ShingleMaster Crews.

Step 6: Warranty and Follow-Up

All of our full replacement projects come with a standard 10-year workmanship warranty (Optional 15 year) and Lifetime Warranty from CertainTeed. We handle all necessary permits with the city and complete a final inspection to ensure the job site is as clean as when we showed up and the install meets our rigorous quality standards.

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Committed to Top-Quality Workmanship & Reliable Customer Care

If you are seeking out roofing services of any kind – but particularly installation or extensive repair services – you may be wondering what the process is going to look like. At Tresnak Roofing, we know that ensuring our customers are as well-informed as possible makes for the best experience for everyone involved. This is why we have given a rough guideline for what you can expect from our service from your first call to the final follow-up!

Let our skilled roofing experts in Royal Oak provide you with the care you need. Contact us today to begin with a free initial estimate!


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